Ryan Haffey is a producer and writer working feature film, TV, commercial and documentary projects.  


Producer: Ryan Haffey


Ryan Haffey

Ryan Haffey is a producer, writer and director with over eight years experience working in television and film. He’s studied at Harvard, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Ryan is a film buff, a video game nerd, a craft beer enthusiast, and a die-hard Boston sports fan.


He’s shot everywhere and everything. From the deserts in Mexico surrounded by coyotes, to the snow-covered streets of Manhattan surrounded by angry commuters.

He’s thoroughly enjoyed the unique challenges presented by each when working on commercials, documentaries, short film, feature film, and network television.


Ryan is obsessed with creating new and exciting content. He has the unique honor of directing and running one of the most successful film campaigns in Kickstarter history.


The only glaring weakness Ryan is willing to admit is the inability to succinctly and meaningfully end a bio. 


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