Welcome to the best little

Beach Bungalow /Creative Retreat / Writer's Cottage / Get-A-Way / Hide-Out


I am subletting my place for up to a year.

And am looking for someone who will

love and enjoy it as much as I do.  

Bunch of  area pics from my IG: 

This great little spot has been my home for 15 years. I'm off to NYC on a new adventure and am subletting this place for the time being. This house is not listed on the market. I am looking for personal and/or professional references only. It is a very special place with beautiful light and energy, so I want to add to the energy of the place with the right person to move it.

I have always used this as a live / work space. As a filmmaker, this has been ideal. I spend days here writing, editing, reading, cooking, meeting with other artists, binge watching Netflix, and dreaming up big new things.


The cottage is 2 blocks from the beach. Located just behind Main Street on 2nd. Urth Cafe is about 100 yards away. I really can't think of a better block to be on! It is exactly 1 mile from the front door to Santa Monica Pier in one direction and the Venice sign in the other direction. Main Street is pretty incredible. Abbot Kinney and Rose Ave are just down the way. The Promenade, Train, Arclight and groceries are all walking distance. In fact, I don't own a car. There's no need here. (There are two parking passes with the house though).

There are a bunch of photos on this site. First thing you might notice is there are a lot of books and screens... not to worry - I am taking about 1/2 the books with me, as well as most of the office equipment. All the personal pictures and things will be stored away too. And yes, I have a cat. He is going to go with me. The house is being deep cleaned, steamed, etc before anyone moves in.


I am listing the rent price to include twice monthly housekeeping and twice weekly laundry service. It is negotiable, but I do want to ensure the place is well taken care of for you and for me. 

Rent includes: 

  • The furnished home, 600 sq feet of charming happiness. 

  • Twice a month housekeeping 

  • Twice a week laundry service (Sundays and Wednesdays)

  • Utilities (gas / water / power)

  • High speed wifi

  • Apple TV with Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, HBO

  • Fully stocked kitchen - blender, food processor, pots and pans, toaster, coffee pot, tea kettle, crock pot, utensils and on and on and on. 

  • BBQ and beach chairs

  • Beautiful hardwood floors

  • 1000 thread count linens (new for you)

  • California King Size bed (new)

  • Bath towels, beach towels

  • Turn table with a good album collection :) 

  • Pull out sleeper sofa

  • Common outdoor space (a beautiful courtyard) 

  • Closet space

  • Two parking permits (street parking)

  • Surfboard / Guitar - 'cause: Beach life. 

  • Small pets are welcome :) 


Email me at pjpalmer@twenty2films.com or DM me on IG @director_pj or call me at (310) 663-3931

Let's start a conversation and take it from there. 

Thanks for checking this opportunity out! Excited for the possibilities :) 

- P.J. Palmer (more about me here

OK - what to do around here. I'll keep it mostly within 1 mile.
Here we go: 

    • Urth Cafe (next door)​

    • Peet's Coffee (next door)

    • Amelia's (hands down the best little cafe)

    • Starbucks (in every direction)

    • Perry's Beach Cafe (just straight down to the sand) 

    • Shoop's (next door, I eat here at least once a week) 

    • Thai Vegan (next door, addicting) 

    • The Galley (my Cheer's) 

    • Brick + Mortar (I can see it from my front door) 

    • Finn McCool's (fav place for Sunday games and live Irish music)

    • Lula's (be careful, the margaritas are insane and sneak up on you) 

    • That Italian place Mike works at (I'll think of it in minute)

    • Ashland Hill (Hipster heaven, best wine and beer list) 

    • The Pink Elephant (dance. love it) 

    • Coffee Bean (outdoor fireplace) 

    • Holy Guacamole (eat tacos all day)

    • Circle Bar (it lives up to it's reputation)

    • Rick's (burgers and beer, sometimes that's is all one needs)

    • Library Ale House (Piny on TAP... come on!) 

    • Enterprise Fish Co. (always eat at the bar. it's great) 

    • La Vecchia (this is where Mike works. Excellent) 

    • Sunny Blue (go here. Eat Japanese hand rolls. Be happy)

    • Ben & Jerry's (across the street. I can smell them baking brownies) 

    • The Victorian (Bar, Taco Trucks and Farmers Market. 

    • The Bird Cage (perfect gay bar) 

    • The Basement (perfect speakeasy) 

    • Chinois On Main (Super fancy. Fun to see who is sitting in the windows) 

    • Bareburger (pretty much sums it up)

    • Hinterland (Newest hipster heaven) 

    • Sam's Bagels (So. Damn. Good.)

    • Tsukji Sushi (Waiters wear t-shirts that say "eat my roll" - no joke) 

    • Manchego (Great date spot) 

    • Aussie Pie (one days calories in one meal) 

    • Dhaba (homestyle Indian food) 

    • M Street Kitchen (great local restaurant - get their english muffins to go) 

    • Stella Barra (pizza that is awesome) 

    • Jinya (ramen bar, because, yes) 

OK - this is all in 4 blocks. And just Main Street. I'll stop there. There is so much more in Santa Monica and Venice. It will take a year to explore all of it! 


    • Famous beach boardwalk, bike path and muscle beach areas. All free. 

    • Crossfit Santa Monica (across the street. Go here. Say hi to Kaj and Carter. Thank me later) ​

    • Yoga Works (classic) 

    • Y.A.S. (Yoga and spinning. Sign up for Julie's class. Tell her you live in my place. She will love you dearly. 

    • Equinox (downtown Santa Monica) 

    • Gold's Gym (You will see Arnold Schwarzenegger pass the house each morning after his work out. Say hi. He is super friendly for a Terminator. 

    • 24 Hour Fitness (but this one is only open like 18 hours)

There are a TON more places... everything you can think of. Very fitness oriented area for sure.

  • SHOP

    • Main Street​ (Boutique shops)

    • Abbot Kinney (SoHo has landed in LA)

    • Santa Monica Place (Bloomy's, Nordstrom, Tiffany, Louis, etc) 

    • Venice Boardwalk (Anything you want) 

    • 3rd Street Promenade (Mall of America) 

    • Montana Ave (shop with the stars. No, really.) 


    • Santa Monica Pier (Ferris Wheel is kinda awesome)​

    • Venice Beach Boardwalk (always entertaining) 

    • 3rd Street Promenade (Touristy, but built for it) 

    • The Beach (nothing better than sand between the toes, surfing, swimming, tanning, people watching, picnicking, volleyball-ing, bike riding. Endless fun :) 


    • Summer Concert Series on the Pier (HUGE. Fun. Thursdays all summer)

    • Main Street Parades (so many! They put up lots of flyers to advertise them)

    • Main Street Summer Soulstice (annual music festival) 

  • ART

    • Galleries are everywhere.... (just stoll and pop in)

    • Getty Villa (Go here.)

    • The Getty Center (And here.)

    • Street art in Venice is amazing. (DM @Venice_life600 on IG and get a low-cost personal tour. Tell him I sent you, he will give you the better tour :) Bring a camera and be amazed. )

    • Art Walk / Art Crawl / Art Fests (held weekly / monthly / annually)


    • Archlight Santa Monica (on top of Bloomingdale's) 

    • Laemmle Monica Film Center (best indie house in LA) 

    • AMC 4 (One of two) 

    • AMC 7 (The other one, a block from the other)

    • American Cinematheque at Areo (great programs, Q&A's with filmmakers) 

    • Laemmle Royal (all foreign films, all the time. Magical) 

    • Landmark NuArt (Rocky Horror is a staple here) 

    • The Landmark (a favorite spot. great theaters and great films) 

This is off the top of my head. If there is something you are looking for, ping me. :)